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The Bel Homme Quartet Series

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Fifty-six-year-old American ex-championship boxer Teddy Wilson is the number one entertainment executive in the world.

He owns record companies, TV shows, singers, and songwriters. With the help of his assistant, Harriet, and Bruno, his childhood buddy from Brooklyn, he presides over a music empire that has no peers. And now he’s got a new idea.

He wants to take the stick out of opera’s ass. He spends over a year searching the globe for four handsome singers who are talented enough to sing opera, but will perform in the pop style instead.

It wasn’t easy, but the four guys he finds were worth the wait, and The Bel Homme Quartet is born.

I write about the kinds of people I love: flawed human beings who’ve been given special creative gifts, genius minds, bulging banks accounts, and romantic hearts and souls. The women are Everywoman. And the men . . . well, they’re regular guys in all kinds of styles – but they’ve also been blessed with fortuitous opportunities. If they misbehave, I make them suffer. Newsflash: They all misbehave. If you’re looking for bad boys who find redemption, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for women just like you who find themselves in the ultimate power of the feminine mystique, welcome! I’ve got a book for you: Contemporary, Paranormal, and Speculative romance. You’ll love it here.

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Cindy Irish

Praise for Cindy’s Books

“A charming tale for romance lovers who enjoy a lyrical game of cat and mouse.”

—Kirkus ReviewsLyrical Bliss in Tuscany

“A fun, sexy escape.”

—Kirkus ReviewsThe Song That Seduced Paris

“A sexy, stylish, and heartwarming romance.”

—Self-Publishing ReviewThe Song That Seduced Paris

“Driven by vibrant and sensuous language, the prose brings the Italian setting to life.”

—Self-Publishing ReviewLyrical Bliss in Tuscany

“… lovers with killer chemistry …”

—Kirkus ReviewsLove's Timeless Melody