Inside every one of you is a love story seeking a safe harbor.

A hot air balloon floating over the ocean at night

You form the words with your emotions, and you fill the love scenes with your deepest desires. You are both hero and heroine, and you create a myriad of possible endings.

So in a very real way, you’re a writer like me. The subtle difference between us is I’ve gone a step further and sneaked into someone else’s tale. I’ve peeked and eavesdropped, and then like a thief without a conscience, I’ve taken the time to write it all down.

My words are a sensual mixture of intense romance, inventive fun, steamy fantasy, and inspirational prose, taking place in both contemporary settings and paranormal worlds.

And because our normal world in real life is one big, exciting playground, I’ll take advantage of that and whisk you to faraway places like Paris, London, and Rome.

And…since this ever-expanding universe is way beyond our mere imaginings, I invite you to let me sweep you away through the cosmos, too.

Leave your humdrum thoughts outside and know you’re safe to linger and look around here.

In this magical place of my imagination…give yourself permission to dream, laugh…and just be.


Cindy Irish

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