The Bel Homme Quartet

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Fifty-six-year-old American ex-championship boxer Teddy Wilson is the number one entertainment executive in the world.

He owns record companies, TV shows, singers, and songwriters. With the help of his assistant, Harriet, and Bruno, his childhood buddy from Brooklyn, he presides over a music empire that has no peers. And now he’s got a new idea.

He wants to take the stick out of opera’s ass. He spends over a year searching the globe for four handsome singers who are talented enough to sing opera, but will perform in the pop style instead.

It wasn’t easy, but the four guys he finds were worth the wait, and The Bel Homme Quartet is born.

That’s French for “Beautiful Man.”

All four of them are indeed sophisticated and gorgeous, but more importantly, they know how to sing. Supremely gifted, they’re already successful in their own right.

Teddy’s objective now is to make sure they become a cohesive unit that will attain his ultimate goal: to become the number one singing group in the world. This journey will be interesting because they’re a hodgepodge of differing backgrounds and temperaments.

From France comes male superstar, Gabriel Grenier. He’s a pop singer, among other things, and the only one in this group who is. So Teddy’s banking on Gabriel being the one who will lead the others to the place that holds their new commercial sound. Teddy’s already hearing it in his music-mogul’s head.

British member Jamie Stratton hails from Wiltshire, England. He’s a lyric tenor whose specialty is starring in record-breaking shows on the London stage. He’s the practical, unemotional sort with the classically-trained voice of an angel. He’s also a licensed investment broker. Teddy figures at least one of the four should have his feet on the ground.

Nico Biviano is the member with the most impressive operatic credentials. He was born in Pisa, Italy, and has been trained in opera technique since he was a small boy. His voice is a pitch-perfect baritone, his delivery is impeccable, and his vocal control is off the charts.

Bel Homme’s fourth and final member is from the United States. Michael O’Malley, Jr. has almost done it all, and he’s done it to sold out crowds filled with his admirers. He’s starred in operas, on Broadway, and at upscale theatres around the world. He’s never tackled the pop venue, though, but thanks to Teddy and his quixotic vision, Michael and the rest of the guys will experience it now.

Teddy has built the group its own private compound on the grounds of his country estate in Royal Tunbridge Wells, England. Their recording studio is there, too, and it will become the base where all their dreams begin.

He also hires his personal liaison for this project. Because Teddy knows he’s not exactly the snuggly, low-key type, the woman he seeks needs to be smart, classy, and diplomatically focused. Someone who will follow his orders to the limit. Harriet talks him into offering the job to her niece, Annie Morgan, a music teacher from Michigan.

The groundwork completed, the choices made, the stage is set for success.

From France to England. From Italy to the U.S.A.

The saga of Bel Homme begins for four talented men and the four American women with whom they fall in love.

But that’s not all. This extravaganza will also change the relationship between Teddy and Harriet, and will forever alter Bruno’s fate, too.

So take a front row seat, dear reader.

Then give a standing ovation to The Bel Homme Quartet!